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Discomfort with Hair Extensions

Is there any Discomfort with Hair Extensions?

One of the most common questions that people have about hair Extensions  is if they will hurt. The idea of something heavy on the scalp that could cause headaches, neck pain, or just be uncomfortable is something that you don’t have to worry about. These are all myths that seem to crop up so often that it is hard to get them to go away.

Of course there are some people that have a sensitive scalp and that can make it harder for them to wear hair Extensions. The pain and discomfort though stem from an underlying problem though and not from the actual hair Extensions. For example people with eczema on the scalp or other problems where there are sores, clumps of flakes, or thick-crusted areas that are red and painful aren’t good candidates for the use of hair Extensions.

Talk to your stylist about how they will be putting the hair Extensions in place. Many of them do the weave method as it is one that holds the Extensions very securely in place. Others use adhesives or glue products. There are newer ones that have a track like device for inserting them as well.

No matter which of these methods is used though there shouldn’t be any discomfort at all. The amount of time it takes to install them though will vary. Still, as long as you enjoy talking to your stylist and you are in a comfortable chair it will be fine. In some salons they offer books, magazines, and even movies so you can find something to do to occupy your time as the stylist installs the hair Extensions.

There will be touch up appointments when you have hair Extensions. Yet they aren’t going to be painful either. They shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes and in many instances they are half that amount of time. It depends on the quality of the hair Extensions and how well they are being taken care of. Removing tangles from them is important. Do it with a soft bristle brush from the roots down.

Don’t pull as this can loosen up the hair Extensions and it could cause you some pain. Work through the tangles patiently and slowly so that there isn’t any discomfort at all. You should be brushing through tangles at least once a day but more is better. When it is time to take out the hair Extensions there shouldn’t be any pain either. Some people fear that it will pull their natural hair but that isn’t so.

There should never be any discomfort at all with hair Extensions. Should you experience anything at all you do want to discuss it with your stylist immediately. That way anything that may need to be adjusted can be taken care of for you. If you have been putting off getting hair Extensions due to fear of discomfort now you can work on just deciding what you would like to have done!


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