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Get a Free Consultation for Hair Extensions

Get a Free Consultation for  Hair Extensions

You may have been considering getting  Hair Extensions as they can help you to transform the type of look that you want. They offer you a chance to get longer hair, more volume, and to add a variety of colors to your hair. Yet what you will find out there is plenty of variety in terms of what is offered and how they are applied.

It is always advised to get a free consultation for Hair Extensions before you commit to the process. Start by talking to your current salon stylist about it. You should have a good rapport with that individual so use them to convey what you are looking for. If they do this type of work then they can talk to you about what they offer.

If they don’t they can help you to find someone to install the Hair Extensions. There may be someone else in the salon that they can introduce you to. They may know a friend that works elsewhere that they can give you a phone number for. Your stylist is going to want you to get the look you want so they should be willing to help you out any way you can.

When you show up for your free consultation for Hair Extensions you want to tell them what type of look you seek. If you can bring along some photos with you to show them that helps too. This will also eliminate any misconceptions between you and the stylist about the objective using the Hair Extensions.

Find out what types of products that they use. When it comes to hair extension products not all of them out there are the same quality. You want those that are made out of human hair. You also want to find out about the texture and the colors that they offer. The idea is for the extensions to look like real hair.

What method is used to install them? This could be a weave, glue, adhesive strips, and some have a track like system. The type of installation will determine how your real hair is affected. It will also play a role in the time it takes to install the Hair Extensions. As with any hair salon procedure, the more time it takes the more they will charge you.

How long are the Hair Extensions going to last you? Try to find those that have a life span of at least 6 months. The consultation should also include information on proper care for the extensions, touch ups, and you should be able to see plenty of before and after photos that the stylist has to offer.

You should never have to pay for a consultation so take your time to learn all you can about Hair Extensions. If you don’t get a good feeling with one individual schedule another consultation. You want to be confident that the person putting them in is qualified and that they use quality products. Don’t feel obligated to work with them if you don’t think it is going to be in your best overall interest.


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